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Tips to Optimize your WordPress Website

WordPress is a highly encrypted platform. And you definitely need to optimize your website to get the perfect deal. Here are some tips and advice on what you should and should not do on your site. You should know about recent optimization practices to create better, faster and more optimized WordPress sites.

Select the correct hosting plan

The first step on the checklist to optimize your site the right way is to choose an accurate hosting plan. The battle is already lost if your server takes too long to process the MySQL commands. Host companies are often to blame. You may have chosen the best hosting company, but a poor hosting plan. The hosting plan will also suffer due to lack of RAM and processor organization. Therefore, you must get what your site requires to function effectively.

Choose a quick WordPress theme

A poorly encoded or imaged design throughout adds unwanted weight to the page. These layouts add extra seconds to your page load time. Choose a layout that is well optimized for computers, mobile phones, and tablets. Search engines accept responsive layouts because they make sure all pages have a similar URL.

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Keep additional ingredients under control

Before installing any plug-ins, find out if it’s important. Plugins are largely responsible for high site load times. The more plugins you install, the more performance issues your site will have. Some plugins slow down your site due to poor coding. Therefore, do not install unnecessary plugins.

Go to CDN to speed up your WordPress site

Downloading static fonts from the website such as CSS files, scripts and images can improve the speed of the site. When you use a CDN, your primary server receives less load, and therefore offers better performance by managing the rest of the site. Fixed fonts are usually available to visitors through the server closest to them. This ensures that the heavy part of your site loads as fast as possible.

Improve photos for the site

Images help to shorten text and can be used to share on social media, but they take up a lot of space. Therefore, image pages take a long time to load. However, by optimizing your photos before uploading, you can definitely save a lot of time. Many photo editing applications like Photoshop help you do this.

Get rid of old reviews

You don’t need dozens of old posts already published a long time ago. You really don’t! With the help of the plugin, you can get rid of old post reviews from your WordPress database, making your site smaller and faster.

Go to Gzip Compression

Gzip compression allows the site page to be transferred to a browser approximately 70% of its actual size. Therefore, you can provide a compressed version of your website to your audience. In a smaller size, the site will load faster.


Optimizing your WordPress site is no longer an option. Since the search engine is focused on the importance of website speed, it is very important to load your site quickly for it to be successful.

If you have WordPressArticle introducing knowledge, you can do it yourself or you can hire professionals to improve your WordPress site. All you have to do is take advantage of content delivery networks and buffering and you are good to go.

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