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How to get your WordPress post automatically indexed on Search Engines 2020

Do you want your WordPress posts to be automatically indexed by search engines like Google uncompressed? So this post is for you.

The WordPress ping list is one of the best ways for your blog to reach the main search engines in a fast and easy way. The WordPress ping list and update service that tells the search engine to search for the published post and then index it.

When you want to quickly index your post, use the WordPress Ping menu. Pinging is an SEO trick, and pinging is very important for Seo to receive organic traffic and get traffic. WordPress Ping List So what you get by pinging a website, search engines will crawl and index your web page faster and more smoothly.

The WordPress ping list is a great feature available in WordPress CMS to increase the reach of your blog to major search engines very quickly.
In this post, I will share an updated WordPress ping list for. And I will also show you how to update your WordPress ping list.

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What is the WordPress Ping menu?
A ping list is a list of servers that WordPress meets every time you post a new page on your WordPress site. WordPress automatically notifies popular update services that you have updated your blog by sending an XML-RPC test every time you create or update a post. WordPress Bing List.

How to automatically index your WordPress post

Get faster indexing of new WordPress functionality with the WordPress Ping menu
http: //bblog.comping.php؟id=1؟bloglink=http٪3A٪2F٪ t/servlet/weblogUpdates

Generated Homepage
http: //ping.cocolog
http: //ping.cocolog

http: //www.mod-pubsub.orgping.php
http: //xping.pubsub.comping/

How to automatically index your WordPress post

How to add or update a Ping Word list
Sign in to your WordPress dashboard.
Go to the Settings tab.
Go to the writing section.
Scroll down to “Update services”.
Now just paste the above Ping WP shared list here and remember to do “Save Changes”.
Then add each previous ping list and save the files successfully.

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