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How To Get Google Adsense Approval

How to get approved by Google Adsense. Looking for an address where your account needs to be approved by Adsense soon?

If so then you are on the right page. This post will be detailed in detail from start to finish to get approved for your blog / website.

You see / hear that bloggers are making $ 1,000 in blogging. But you may not know how to implement them to put yourself in this winning race. This post will definitely help you learn ways to get Adsense approved for your blog / website.

How to get approved by Google Adsense

Adsense is an exciting beginner blogger package, but you also have to remember that getting Adsense approved is not easy. Don’t worry, let me guide you to your destination.

Table of Contents
Why is Adsense the best monetization network?
How to apply for Adsense?
When to apply for the Adsense program?
How to get Adsense approved soon?
High-quality content
Good traffic to the site
Mandatory pages
Easy to use themes
Website loading time
Content sensor
Why is Adsense rejecting your site?
Not following Adsense policy
Reasons to reject the request.
Step 2: approval of Adsense 2020
Why is Adsense the best network for monetization?

There may be a lot of monetization networks, but why is Adsense the best? It is best for Google’s product.

Google always offers the best for publishers and advertisers. Google is very interested in providing a standard user experience.

Adsense works with CPC, the concept of CPC. This will give you an opportunity to make good profits once Adsense is approved. This is why it is so difficult to get approval.

How to apply for Adsense?
Applying for Adsense is very simple. All you need is a blog or website. To have a blog, you can subscribe to, which is completely free. If you choose a website, install WordPress in your own host space.

Go to using the registered Gmail email ID and register the domain name for your blog or websites.

When to apply for the Adsense program?
There are certain terms and conditions that your blog must meet before applying for Adsense. Do not apply once you have a blog, your application will definitely be rejected. There are some criteria to get Adsense approval, read below to see all these measures.

How to get Adsense approved soon?
As mentioned above, there are a few factors that will decide to have your application approved by the Adsense approval team. See the factors below.

High-quality content
Google always prefers high-quality content. Don’t copy content from any publisher and put it on your blog. Google’s algorithm is very smart to recognize. Write your content with the following functions

How to get approved by Google Adsense

Write original and unique content
Use a minimum of 300-500 words per post
Contains subtitles for each paragraph
Use photos in your post
Don’t write grammatical errors
Write content in English
Number of jobs
The age of your blog depends on your content. I recommend that you get a minimum of 30-40 good posts before applying for Adsense. I’ve also seen blogs with up to 10 approved posts but if all these posts are explained in detail on some topics.

Has 30-40 jobs.
Enter the best titles for your publications
Good navigation page
The quality and quantity of jobs alone does not matter. Readers should be able to easily switch between their posts. Do you have good mobility on your site?
Show 5-6 posts per page
Use good themes for your site
Site age factor
According to Adsense policy, the website must be at least 1 month old for countries like USA and UK. There are some countries where T&C is at least 6 months before applying Adsense. But frankly speaking, in my experience, this factor has little impact on the rejection of your request.

Good traffic to the site
Your site must generate organic traffic. It may take some time to drive traffic to your website. Take advantage of free time (2-3 months) before applying Adsense to promote your website. You have 50-100 daily visitors to your website.

Mandatory pages
Your website should also have good page navigation. There are some mandatory pages that your site must have.

Special policy
Also read: How to become a Premium AdSense editor

Make sure readers can reach you with any questions about your site. You may not know how to write the privacy policy of your website. But there are some sites that offer you privacy policy templates. Fill in your site details and download the privacy policy. Click here for free privacy policy templates.

Easy to use themes
There are many paid / free themes that make your site professional. Select the topic that best suits your content. Make sure the theme responds so that it works well with mobile view too.

People have evolved to use many cell phones that are now PC and laptop. Now all sites are accessed through the same mobile, so make your site responsive to stay ahead of the competition.

Website loading time
Adsense also checks when your site loads. The recommended download time is 5 seconds. When you add more videos and flash images to your site, it takes a long time for the website to load. This will irritate your users / readers and will obviously jump your site.

Use simple functions and a good image size to load your site quickly.

Content sensor
There are some themes or content that AdSense opposes. Your application will be blindly rejected if it has any content on the topics below

Piracy lessons
Torrent downloads
Pirated content
Affiliate Marketing Links

Do not apply your site to any affiliate marketing links. You can always include it after Adsense approval. But don’t include any of them before applying. Also, don’t sign up for information links or other ad networks before applying for Adsense.

These are the important factors that AdSense will check before approving your request. Let me also tell you the reasons why your site was rejected!

How to get approved by Google Adsense

Why is Adsense rejecting your site?
From the above, would you have understood how difficult it is to manage all these factors together? So let me also explain why your request was rejected.

Not following Adsense policy
The main AdSense policy outlined here revolves around copyright content and paid traffic sources. Seeing bloggers earn $ 1,000 from Adsense, beginners try to copy their content and put it on their blogs, thinking that they may also join the Adsense association.

If your thinking is like this, it will never be approved. Additionally, people use third-party tools to drive traffic to their website. Avoid all this. Everything goes against Adsense policy.

Reasons to reject the request.
You will receive an email from the Adsense team explaining why the application was rejected. Be sure to see the rejection email. Keep working on why Adsense recommends. You can always reapply for Adsense any number of times. Here are the main reasons:

Insufficient content
Content protected by copyright
Failing to follow Adsense guidelines and webmaster policy.
Step 2: approval of Adsense 2020
There are many changes to Adsense policies. As of 2017, there has been a two-step verification process for obtaining Adsense approval.

Step 1:
Your request will be approved and an email will appear in your inbox indicating the creation of ad units to verify the next step.

Step 2:
Once you create the ad units and place, Adsense will monitor you for 2-3 days and the second email will be sent if your Adsense is fully approved.

There is always a chance that your application will pass the first step and be rejected in the second. I am not sure of the probability of this approval.

How to get approved by Google Adsense

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