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How to become an AdSense Premium Publisher

After I first mentioned AdSense Premium Publisher in my post, How AdBlock Alternate Content Can Disable Your AdSense Account, People Are Starting To Ask Me More And More About “AdSense Premium Publisher”. Questions like whether it is real or not, what is the procedure for owning an AdSense Premium Publisher account, what additional benefits do premium publishers get from other general publishers, etc. I spent the past two weeks researching how someone can become a great AdSense editor and what exact steps a person needs to take to get there.

If you are wondering why you care about this “great editor”, since Google has not officially mentioned it in their AdSense policy page or in any educational video, I definitely suggest that you continue reading this article to learn more about the features, the benefits and procedures for obtaining an AdSense publisher account. .

All of us (general AdSense publishers) who use AdSense to monetize your website or its content follow AdSense policies such as state constitution. Because we know that if we do not comply with the rules imposed on us, our accounts will be suspended and we will lose our source of income. Right? Well, you will see that this is not the case for Premium AdSense Publishers, so never worry about whether or not they follow the AdSense rules. Even if they break (in our opinion) any number of AdSense rules, the account will still run.

Table of Contents
What benefits do Premium publishers get?
Why does Google make this bias?
So how do I become a Premium AdSense editor?
What are the benefits for premium publishers?
Let’s get started without limitation by following the general AdSense policies. I know this may sound magical or dreamy, but it is absolutely true. All AdSense premium publishers must agree to different terms and conditions when promoting their accounts as a “premium publisher”, so the general rules that apply to most AdSense users are not promulgated. Below is a short list of the benefits that every AdSense Premium publisher enjoys every day.
As a general AdSense publisher, we are required to show a maximum of 3 ad units per page, and premium publishers can show 4-5 ad units per page, the CTR is 500% higher than general AdSense publishers .

Since AdSense general editors don’t need permission to modify AdSense ad icons, premium editors can change color, size, fonts etc. using CSS. This may seem small, but creating a custom ad unit for your site based on your website requirements ultimately increases your CTR and revenue.
How to become a publisher of AdSense Premium.
As general publishers of AdSense, if you encounter any issues or questions about AdSense, the only option available is to use the Google AdSense Product Forum or search for relevant articles on the web. However, all AdSense Premium publishers have a dedicated AdSense expert and Google ad manager to solve your problem and request it at any time.
As general editor at AdSense, we never know what our CTR is or how much we will earn with our AdSense account because these things are managed through Google’s AdSense algorithm and depend on different parameters, but premium publishers can negotiate their share of the profits that they will get from AdSense. Before agreeing to the terms for a premium publisher, Google and the publisher negotiate the price of the ads to be displayed on your site. Therefore, premium publishers always have an idea of ​​how much they will earn from each ad displayed on their site.
Although direct linking to search queries (AdSense for search) conflicts with AdSense policy for regular users, Premium Editors can do so without worrying about disabling or blocking their accounts.
In addition to all this, premium publishers can also show their ad units as pinned ads, and they can show images as an alternative to AdBlockers, as they can clearly ask their users to disable AdBlock. In short, all the things that we (AdSense publishers in general) cannot do, AdSense Premium publishers can easily do.
Premium publishers can get rid of Google ad text from their ads, making it look more professional and removing Google’s trademark. In fact, they can write anything on that tag (like sponsored links) that ultimately increases their click through rate (CTR) at an exponential rate.
Google has always said that displaying AdSense ads on sites related to any type of game or pornography is completely contrary to AdSense policy, but premium publishers may display AdSense ads on games of chance, casino and adult content pages without no restriction.
Also, the AdSense Premium Publisher account will not be disabled or banned in the normal AdSense account showing reasons like invalid click activity or other security reasons. Because Google trusts premium publishers and they trust premium publishers will not make any mistakes.
Why does Google make this bias?
After reading the list above, if you think about why Google is making this bias between generic AdSense publishers and premium AdSense publishers because it is beneficial for your business. As you can see, almost all webmasters always try to get an AdSense account, no matter how difficult it is. Because they know that AdSense is the only way to serve ads that generate the best in the industry, and they don’t show those scary pop-up ads that make users unhappy. So no matter what kind of website they have, all webmasters try to have a working AdSense account. Even if Google doesn’t accept your AdSense request, they keep trying unless they have an active AdSense account or are frustrated and stop trying to get a new AdSense account. Google knows this very well.

Now among all the webmasters who have gotten a certified AdSense account, most of them are not familiar with the different AdSense policies and end up disabling their AdSense account. Some of these webmasters are even trying to trick Google with some black hat techniques so they can make more money with Google AdSense. I have seen some organizations located in India, Pakistan and other countries in the Middle East that are actually taking money to click on others’ ads. People pay them money in the hope that this organization will continue to click on their ads and become rich. This is for another reason, Google puts all AdSense publishers from Middle Eastern countries in the region at risk, unless they have shown unusual performance in following AdSense policies for years before Google has removed these accounts. from the “at risk” tab.
For all these reasons, Google is always trying to make its policies as strict as possible. But among all the publishers who follow all the AdSense policies, and also have a website / blog that has a lot of unique visits, and also generates a large monthly return on AdSense, Google puts this publisher on a different list and Monitor these accounts for several months before upgrading them to Premium Editors.You will see that these publishers (very few people) are generating a huge amount of revenue for them and for Google, so if they bring you some additional benefits, these publishers will become more inspiring. And they will work hard to increase the quality and profits of your website, which will also increase the income that Google generates.
Google Ads is the main platform from which Google derives most of its monthly income. So they will do anything to increase that income and provide some additional benefits to some people, it is actually the best possible way to do it. Since the sites of these publishers are already popular, Google knows that they will get more benefits from these sites. Giving these added benefits to some people is one way to keep these editors away from the rest of the audience. The only problem is that Google hasn’t officially revealed any of this information about AdSense Premium publishers, because they don’t want to be given any more attention and they want to keep that in the dark for AdSense publishers in general so they don’t get mad at Google. 🙂
So how do I become a Premium AdSense editor?
Well, after reading the previous part, I hope you already have the idea that it is not easy to get and that it is not for everyone. Only a few publishers can afford to enjoy the benefits of a premium publisher account. There is no way to request an AdSense Premium publisher account. Only Google decides which publisher it wants to promote and which ones to pay attention to. But after researching this, here are some rough requirements you should need to access Google Watchlist for Super Publisher. Please note that these numbers are approximate and that reaching this actual number does not always mean that Google will consider upgrading your account to Premium Publisher.
To become an AdSense Premium publisher, you only need at least 20 million page views per month and 5 million unique search results leading to your site.
You just need an authority website. A trusted site for the general public, wherever you work.
All you need is to have completely unique content without violating any copyright infringement.

If your site meets these basic requirements and if Google believes that upgrading your AdSense account to a premium publisher account will help them with their business (in terms of revenue and trust), they will contact you directly to upgrade your AdSense account and We will send you a Terms of Service Agreement that you must sign in advance. Empower.
So, as you can see that AdSense Premium Publisher is an undisclosed feature by Google AdSense and only for manual publishers who have a very trustworthy website, the best way to become a premium AdSense publisher is to make your website / blog is more popular and respectable, and If your site itself would be a trademark. If it can, Google will send a humorous email to the AdSense Premium Team. So what do you think of this Premium Publisher developer? Are you an excellent AdSense editor? Do you think Google should stop having this bias with the AdSense editor? Let me know your thoughts on the AdSense Premium Publisher developer in the comment section below. I would love to hear all your thoughts on this topic.

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