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6 Agricultural businesses you can start as a side hustle

Not having enough time on your hands doesn’t mean you can’t have a slice of the farming pie. You can start your own agricultural business as a side business while concentrating on your core business. Over time, agriculture can become his main activity, who knows.

It is difficult to speak of agriculture as a secondary business because most companies will need your full time and attention. However, there are some companies in the agricultural sector where you can get involved with you and still make money.

You may not get a full-time income at first, but let’s not get ahead, we’re talking about lateral hustle, right? The idea is to add more lucrative sources of income to your portfolio and continue to build a wealthy empire from there.

Agriculture is a prosperous sector in Africa, especially in Nigeria. Participation becomes a question of “when”, not “if”.

In this post, I would like to show you 6 companies in the agricultural sector that you can start as an extra effort to generate more negative income for yourself. If you have a job or have another job, it doesn’t matter. Business ideas will give you this time to continue doing what you do.

In writing this post, I suppose you prefer to do business with yourself. If you are considering outsourcing your farm business to a trusted advisor or trusted family member or friend, then any farm business can start as a side business. You just need to save money and do something else while someone else is working for you.

Assuming this is not the case, and you prefer to do it yourself, you can start any of these six agribusiness activities as an agitation.

Table of Contents
1. Start a snail farm
2. Start a blog based on agriculture.
3. Start a small consulting company
4. Purchase and sale of agricultural products.
5. Cattle breeding
6. Rental of agricultural machinery.
1. Start a snail farm
If you value your time, snails value their free time more. They eat at night, they don’t make noise and they spend most of their time thinking about their lives :). Seriously, with respect to lateral farming, snail farming is one of the simplest you can think of.

The idea is that you can do your chores for the day, feed your snails at night, clean their pen and still have time for a night out or research or something.

If you’re thinking about starting the largest snail farm in your state, we’re not talking about the hustle anymore, are we?

2. Start a blog based on agriculture.
Many people want to venture into agriculture, but lack the money to do something, so they take a job to save money for their big scheme. Does this describe you?

So you love farming and you have a good knowledge of how to do things in farming and things like that, but your job doesn’t give you enough time and you need your salary to keep body and soul together, huh? If you have good writing skills, you can start an agriculture-based blog and hit 3 main birds with one stone.

It keeps your interest in your farm business alive and further increases your knowledge because as a blogger you will do a lot of research and writing.
You will expand your network because blogs offer you to meet different people that you would not have otherwise met.
You will establish yourself as an authority in the field so your counseling path is already paved, even while you are still working on your job.
The agriculture-based blog has many promising possibilities that may not be very clear at first but will start to pay off in the long run. This is mainly because blogging takes time to gain traction, but with commitment and hard work, it is one of the most rewarding decisions you can make.

How do you work and blog at the same time? You will need to set aside time to research and write. I get up very early to write. It is better to think in the morning. You will need to find your own time outside of work, which you can dedicate to your blog.

Agricultural business

3. Start a small consulting company
If you are in the agricultural export business, you can start a consulting business and continue doing nothing else. You can advise aspiring or existing farmers on how to better manage your agricultural business.

Don’t let the term “consulting” fool you into thinking about spending long hours in the office with little time to do otherwise.

The only time you spend on consulting work is the time you spend with your clients. If you coach a client for 30 minutes a day, you have about another 17 hours to do whatever other work you have for the day. You can even consult people on the phone, I do it all the time.

When your client base grows to the point where your time is drowning, you can consult full time and earn the money you want.

Because you do this as a side activity, you will need a strategy to communicate your vast knowledge to people and how you can help them without spending too much time away from their main hustle.

You can start an agricultural business

Start by posting guest posts on popular agricultural / business blogs, websites, and forums. Join online discussions, post on Twitter that shows you know what you’re talking about, get the idea.

4. Purchase and sale of agricultural products.
You can buy the agricultural product from one part of the country and sell it in the other part. Don’t worry, you can still do it as a side push; Don’t let the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinterstate commerce scare you.

What you should do is know what to buy, where to buy it, and where to sell it. Let me give you an example.

Palm oil is cheaper and more available in southeast Nigeria than in the north, right? Okay. So if you live in this area where you can get palm oil easily and cheaply, you already have a supply market. Now he is on a trip to northern Nigeria, where his main goal will be to find a buyer to whom he can supply palm oil.

Since it will not be available all the time, you will need a credible and reliable buyer. You are their bill of lading and your money back. You can spend a day in the market and you will be amazed at how many people run their business this way. You can start an agricultural business.

5. Cattle breeding
Yes, we are still talking about the hustle and bustle in agriculture. You can start raising cattle as a side hustle. You just need to locate a great rancher who will run your business with confidence and reliability.

How this works is that you buy a calf or a large cow, according to your preference, and keep it with the large rancher I have discussed, who will feed and raise the cow.

At the end of the day, when you make a sale, you share the income with the farm based on a pre-set sharing formula.

6. Rental of agricultural machinery.
This will take a lot of capital, but it’s worth considering if you can raise that cash. Basically it requires buying different agricultural equipment so that farmers can rent them to facilitate their work.

Not all farmers can afford to buy their own tractor or mower. Often they prefer to pay for the machines. Then you earn your money while doing anything else that catches your attention.

You can also rent agricultural real estate so that farmers can cultivate their land and pay for it.

Like I said, depending on how well you can let someone else run your business, you can start any farm work in parallel while still doing what you do. People always do that.

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